INDEXWhat to do and where to go when dictatorships fall: Where do you look for answers to the way ahead? It's not in the United Kingdom, that's for sure!

INDEXDictatorships are coming to an end, but are they being replaced by safeguards that will protect all of 'The People', or are they being replaced with the potential for new dictatorships? The answer to that question is not in mob rule, nor in the pretense of some human religious leader claiming to speak for God; nor in a charasmatic leader claiming to represent the "Will of The People". It is in a written Constitution that enshrines the rights of all of the individuals of that nation. So don't look to the United Kingdom for answers - it is as undemocratic as they come!

INDEXThe United Kingdom in a sense is as new as 1923 (to account for the change in status of 'Northern Ireland', or if you like, 1801 when it engulfed all of Ireland, or, if you want to go back to its core that the Scottish National Party is now trying to sever, you can go back to 1707 and the joining of the two former kingdoms of England and Scotland.) In short, the UK is a very new and very undemocratic nation!

INDEXIt is ruled by an unelected Crown corporation sole which is represented by an unelected 'Royal Family' supported by taxpayers. It is ruled below that level by an unelected and secretive Privy Council that answers to none but itself. Below that level is a half-elected Parliament. Its electonic media is controlled so that you can't buy time for political or religious speech, yet the taxpayers support a State Church in England! You pay for it even if you have a different faith or no religious faith at all - just as you pay for the BBC through a license tax, even though you do not watch or listen to British Broadcasting Corporation programs!

INDEXIs this a blueprint for nations of tomorrow, or is it merely a relic of the past that needs to be swept aside?

INDEXJust after the core Kingdom of Great Britain was created in 1707, its American colonies broke away in 1776 demanding freedom, and just a handful of years after that in 1789, 'The People' of the USA created a written constitution that could and should serve as a blueprint for the world's nations.

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