INDEXVeteran BBC Radio 4 newsman John Humphrys interviewed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for half an hour on Saturday morning, September 10, 2011, for its news magazine program called Today.

INDEX Again and again Humphrys pushed home his point of the cause and effect of the Iraq and then Afghanistan wars which led, he said, to the bombings in London and Madrid. Tony Blair resisted such connections. His point (in a nutshell) was that there is a 'correct version' of Islam and an 'incorrect version', and that the 'incorrect version' was deep-seated and wide-spread. Their believers were 'true believers' he claimed, and although he did not make the connection, it was an opinion which could be held about any number of 'fanatical' believers in any religion, including Christianity.

INDEXThe other issue that Tony Blair kept stressing was that Britain and its partners were there to bring democracy to the world. Humphrys even asked if this included Iran, and could this lead to military action against Iran. Blair conceded that in respect to its nuclear weapons program that it could: Iran must be stopped in its tracks, is his military position on that issue. When this would happen is another matter entirely, and for someone else to decide.

INDEXTherefore if the root cause of all of this misery is a lack of democracy and its solution from the standpoint of the 'enemy' is to turn to religion and self-sacrifice (since they lack the weapons necessary to fight the West on its own terms), then we should look at Blair and his ideology a little more closely. In the first place much of the latter-day trouble has come from Britain's immigrant community, and that says volumes about the lack of democracy in Britain today. So do the recent riots in major British cities.

INDEXIt was from British sources that a lot of the bogus Iraq-invasion 'intelligence' originated, and it seems as if the UK has been leading the USA by the nose into a growing mess. It is not a new idea and documents now available in the National Archives show that Winston Churchill used the same ploy to drag Franklin Delano Roosevelt into WWII (prior to the Japanese attack on USA military installations in Hawaii.)

INDEXSo what is motivating Blair? Well, religion for one. He is quite a passionate Christian who recently switched to membership in the Roman Catholic faith. Now if we look back in UK history we are at the starting point of 1923, or its original date of 1801, and if you want to be generous and go to its core rump union of England and Scotland, to 1707 with the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

INDEXNow there have been noises from time-to-time (and again this past week in a Private Member's Bill) to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. But of course to do so would be a lie. In the first place it has nothing to do with Scotland and therefore nothing to do with the history of the UK. (By the way, take a read of its English language translation and you will wonder why it so anti-Semitic. The answer is found in a later version of 1297 which makes no mention of the Jews - because they had all been driven underground, killed or expelled: thus providing a horrific blueprint for Nazi Germany to follow!) In the second place the most famous (anti-Semitic) version of 1215 was annulled one month later by the Pope. Why? Because King John of England was his vassal. How did that happen? Because the Holy See promulgated the big lie (Hitler-style), that the Emperor Constantine had bequeathed the Western half of the Roman Empire to a Pope. From there we get to Henry VIII who told the Pope to take a hike with his Church and his State powers. Calvin in his Institutes reminded everyone during the Protestant Reformation that the Donation of Constantine was a fake, and today, the Vatican Secret Archives (their name, not mine), freely admits to the fraud.

INDEXSo what has that history lesson got to do with 9/11 and Tony Blair?

INDEXWell for one thing the UK is not a democracy and therefore it is no position to dictate to anyone else what a democracy should be. It has a mooching Queen who waves to crowds on behalf of the corporation sole that she represents which is called the Crown. Beneath that corporation sole is a sworn-to-secrecy and unelected Privy Council with the power to make laws, which it does (they are called Orders in Council). Beneath that is a half-elected Parliament. In the unelected half a lot of doddering idiots representing the State Church of England sit in judgment. (The Church of Scotland does not have this same standing in law).

INDEXNow if we roll back the hands of time again, what do we find?

INDEXWe find the history of those Christian Crusades which set out to murder Moslems and conquer the lands which its believers held. That included Rome's puppet Kingdom of Jerusalem. So, isn't it time to tell Tony Blair to simply: SHUT UP! Hasn't he caused enough trouble in the world already? By the way, one of his last undertakings after leaving office as Prime Minister was to work with (for?) that toppling dictator of Libya!

INDEXIf anyone should be telling the world what democracy is all about it is the USA. But the tellers should be educators and not the military. In 1707 the core of the UK was formed with the Kingdom of Great Britain (England plus Wales and Scotland), and just a handful of years after that, Thomas Jefferson was showing his loathing contempt for George III and everything that he represented. Consequently some British colonies in North America declared their independence in 1776 and formed a confederacy. When that did not work they created "a more perfect union" in 1789 under the U.S. Constitution. Then allowing for the awful Civil War whose seeds were sown by British slavery, the USA made a course correction in 1865, and this has been followed by refinements under the leadership of men such as Dr. Martin Luther King.

INDEXAmerica is "the home of the brave" because they were pioneers in democracy under a written Constitution in the name of 'The People', and therefore it is also the land of the free. It is a land where you can fall flat on your face or rise to greater things. It is a land of generosity where those who do fall down can get a hand up, and it is a land where drug crimes flourish that cause people in the gutter to stay in the gutter. It is a land where your first move is to want to succeed in life, and that begins with ridding the mind of the kind of clutter that Tony Blair imparts.

INDEXNow in Britain we have the unelected Queen smiling with her sponging family members at the huddled subjects below. What kind of democracy is that, Mr. Blair? The answer is that it not democracy at all. Now is the time to turn to the educators (not the paid political parrots) and ask them to explain to the world how America rid itself of this awful tyrannical state called Great Britain. (Read Jefferson's original version of the US Declaration of Independence.) Many in Scotland are trying to rid themselves of the United Kingdom and regain their independence, just as other populations of the world are trying to rid themselves of their own corrupt governments. But where should they be looking for their blueprint? They should look at the experience of the USA. It did not have to shake off Islamic overlords - it had to shake off the corrupt monarchy of Great Britain! The USA has the experience to educate the world about democracy, but that education does not begin with a bomb or a bullet. This is not a job for the military, this is a job for academia!.

INDEXBut before Mr. Blair continues to meddle in the affairs of other nations he should do some meddling at home. First item on the agenda should be to enroll every person in the British Isles in the corporation sole known as the Crown. Once the Crown belongs to everyone The People will have real, organic power and the restoration of their freeborn birth rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then it will be possible for The People to write and ratify a written Constitution in THEIR name. The People can then throw out the unelected bodies and elect true representatives to a genuine Parliament. There is no harm in letting the Queen wave to tourists on behalf of The People, just like Minnie Mouse performs on behalf of Disneyland, but since the Queen will then be equal to every other citizen, she will have to paid in accordance with the going rate for public relations mascots, not the absurd sum that she is given now.

INDEXThe blueprint for Britain and the rest of the world is in the US Constitution. It shows how the President and his Administration is co-equal with the two houses of the elected Congress, and co-equals with the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court whose job it is to act as watchdogs so that unconstitutional laws can be overturned. There is no national religion: the government is forbidden to create one, or to hinder free exercise of worship; or to interfere with the free workings of the press, or to prevent The People from peacefully petitioning their Government to correct injustices.

INDEXYes, Mr. Blair, "the truth is out there", and it's called the U.S. Constitution. Have a read and you might have something worthwhile to say in future. I guess your first words will be "I was deceived by the British Establishment, because I thought that my education had taught me about freedom, but instead I was radicalized into becoming the religious fanatic that I have become." Sorry about that Tony, but it's an experience that all ex-religious fanatics must go through.

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