INDEXDo you know that you will die? You may think that this is a silly question, until you pause to ponder why it is that some seem to think that they are immortal.

INDEXFrom this notion of immortality comes a belief that some are born to rule, while the majority are born temporarily to serve them. It is a system called 'monarchy' that few understand, especially when it comes to the British variety of this species.

INDEXTherefore it is no wonder that the issue is not even being discussed when it comes to the question of whether to terminate the union of 1707 that created the United Kingdom. It is no wonder because few can explain it.

INDEXPlease don't misunderstand what is being stated. It is not that more than a few understand the Act that resulted in the Union of 1707, because it is Online, in libraries and freely available to anyone who wants to read it. No secret there.

INDEXBut there is a great deal of secrecy surrounding the corporate sole to which the union of 1707 made the nations of England and Scotland subservient. Oh, yes, they are subservient, and the race-horse-winning old-age Queen who smiles at her subjects, rebranded as pseudo 'citizens', is but the employed face of that corporate sole. She is to that British Crown corporation sole what Minnie Mouse and her male counterpart Mickey, are to Disneyland.

INDEXSo then what is all this talk about 'independence' when no one is explaining what Scotland would become independent from? Alex Salmon as First Minister once flapped around the 1320 'Declaration of Arbroath' as 'proof' that monarchs in Scotland were once the employees of the People, when in fact that document merely demonstrated that both the English and Scots monarchs were the employees of their Overseer in Rome. The preamble to that document merely gets into the fable of the 'Lost Tribes of Israel', as does that spurious 'Stone of Scone' that sat under the 'coronation chair'. So let's not go down that path to fantasyland. Let's address the real world of the here and the now and this Referendum. What is that all about?

INDEXHow can anyone vote to sever a connection to something when they don't know what it is that they are connected to? If the answer is 'never mind, just do it', well, the English tried that in 1649, but without putting in place a 'negative' written constitution - one that restricted the government but not the People, and they ended up with a military dictatorship until 1660! Beginning in 1649 Oliver Cromwell made Scotland an extension of his domicile in England. So what happened to that republic that was formed without a 'negative' constitution written in the name of The People? (You need a constitution of that type to stop the government from coming up with a positive agenda that it can thrust upon The People!)

INDEXWell, Cromwell's man in command of Scotland got his own army together at Coldstream, and when Cromwell kicked the bucket (as all human beings do), he decided to play the same game as Cromwell, because he staged a coup d'etat in London. General Monck switched sides from Cromwell's English Republic to the monarchy in order to plop Charles II on the throne. The Scots had already acclaimed him as their king. Charles II loved it and he loved Monck. He showered Monck with all kinds of gifts and he also created a special place of honor for those invading Coldstream Guards from Scotland, some of which they still enjoy today.

INDEXAt this point we might all start singing 'When will they ever learn?', until we cotton on to the idea that this "they", are in fact "we". So it is with an air of resignation that I sniff in the air at this talk of independence, knowing full well that independence is not even being discussed, and that no one wants to address what independence would mean.

INDEXIf you would like to know what is behind the issue of independence, then you need to know what is behind the Act of Union that one side of the Referendum issue do not want to terminate. You might ask 'them' why they are not telling you the facts, and you might want to ask the other lot who are seeking independence if they understand what they are seeking independence from. All you have heard so far about the British Crown corporation sole that is managed by the secretive Privy Council is a deafening silence! Yet that Privy Council sits above the half-elected Parliament in London. So where is this silly notion coming from which says that the United Kingdom is a democracy? But if the independence crowd get their way as things stand, it might be a case of "better the Devil you know, than the devil you don't!"

INDEXPlease don't misunderstand what you have read here today. This is not a commentary against independence for Scotland: it is a commentary demanding democracy as defined in a negative written constitution that guarantees the freeborn rights of every human being in the British Isles! Therefore the People of Scotland should be free, but so should the People of England, and all of the other parts. But here we are addressing the Union that was created by England and Scotland, or should we say, a Union that was forced on Scotland as a result of the Darien disaster that was undermined by the powers-that-be in London at the time? Yes, that is what we will say, because that is what happened in order to benefit a line of German monarchs who trundled in after the Dutch had brought in their invading monarch. Somewhere along the line the advisors to the monarch, those Privy Councilors, got the upper hand over the monarch and he and she became their mouthpieces. Beneath this true source of UK power resides the pathetic half-elected Parliament. But when were you last asked to elect a Privy Councilor? The answer of course is never!

INDEXIndependence for the Scots? Absolutely! But while we are at it, let's demand a return to The People of Scotland of all of the land that has been stolen from them by these invading monarchs who have been manipulated like puppets by the Privy Councilors! Sever the ties that bind and throw out the scoundrels who bind The People. But first, make sure that there is a negative written constitution that will replace the sovereign, or a dictator may be found waiting in the wings! It happened in England in 1649 when England could have become a free land and Scotland could have breathed a sigh of relief and followed suit by creating an independent republic in Scotland. Instead it was an invading force from Scotland that restored the monarchy and pretended that the years (and the laws) from 1649-1660 had never existed. Charles II sneeringly called that time the Interregnum! But they merely created a trap for the Scots that bound them even tighter, because that is what happened when the Darien disaster allowed the English to twist the arms that signed that Act of Union. Some would say that those twisted arms were all show, and that the signers were bribed. However it happened, it is time to undo that wretched alliance and set the People of Scotland free at last.

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