INDEX So I became sidetracked on the last day of June 2013, because that is when I took a detour and met-up with the fledgling Scottish Libertarians. At the moment this group is not registered as a political party in Scotland, but "they" (meaning a core of two people who attracted another six including me), had been thinking about it.

INDEXThe group meeting I attended was at an off-the-beaten-trail pub in Edinburgh. It was cramped, to say the least. The meeting was led by a U.S. citizen lacking U.K. citizenship who is living in Glasgow. Nothing wrong with that but he dresses in a style that the Columbine kids of Colorado would have loved. It was a version of a Western movie outfit, but one thing was 'fer-sure', it wasn't Scottish. 'The Leader' (as he calls himself), said that he doesn't want to run for office in Scotland, and he told me that he did not believe that the Scottish Libertarians would ever amount to anything in Scotland. His buddy doesn't want to run either, and he is Scottish through-and-through. Great formula for success, I thought! If they can't back their own project by getting out into the public forum and take the blows (as Sinatra called hostile response), then why expect others to lead the charge?

INDEXI am dedicated to individualism while recognizing that I live in a collectivist world having been born into a family composed of other human beings (like everyone else, adopted or not.) That's the way biology works. My mother's mother put eggs into my mother and my father fertilized one of them, and lo and behold I was born. So I recognize that for the first chunk of my life I was not an independent individualist, and if I break-down mentally and or physically I will cease being an independent spirit. But I am talking about the here and the now when everything is okay.

INDEXTherefore I wondered whether there was anyone else who thought like I did, and that is how I found these two wannabe wizards who are looking for people who they can infuse with the idealism of Libertarianism in Scotland. But what I found on their web site was a posting by someone who wants to roll back restrictions on public smoking in Scotland. I don't care who smokes, just as long as I can't smell it and their gasses are not getting into my lungs.

INDEXSwitch stories.

INDEXAccording to one headline I read today, the Earth will become inhospitable to human life due to a lack of carbon monoxide. It may take a billion years, but it will happen. So much for saving the Planet nonsense by wanna-be gods. Now Boris, the 'other mayor' of London, well he decided to come out today and push for fracking, and I say to Boris: "Good for you!" Here is a real issue and it is an issue that I was confronted with in Texas. That was when my neighborhood signed on to let the drilling company exploit our individual mineral assets.

INDEXOh I forgot! The thieves related to that thread of the British monarchy, make that English monarchy, who date back to the time of the Normans, they stole all of the property on the island of Great Britain of which Scotland occupies a northern sector. So the majority of Scots cannot lease their mineral rights because most Scots do not own the minerals underneath their own homes. Boris on the other hand is speaking for an entity called London that accounts for most of the stolen wealth on the island of Great Britain. Oh, they account for it alright, because it is the banking capital for a lot of UK robber royalists.

INDEXNow my friends in the Edinburgh pub were more for talking about getting hold of names to register as a new political party than they were for championing freeborn rights to life, liberty and property. It's a shame really because the SNP are pushing for independence from the United Kingdom without explaining what the UK is, or what their collectivist agenda will be sans a negative written constitution. The Labour Party is of a course a joke, because even republican Willie Hamilton lamented how that party kissed up to the Establishment which is represented by a monarchy. The Tory Party comes from the days of the old robber barons, and the Lib-Dems are less than a joke because they are less than a real political party because their punch-line cannot be defined.

INDEXLibertarians should be standing up for the rights and property of individuals, but I discovered that like Atlas, they too are shrugging when it comes to the novelty of forming a new political party with any real meaning for individuals. Therefore I am wondering whether instead of joining others, I should be inviting others to join with me in building a sensible think tank that asks the right questions of those who already hold power, whatever they call themselves. Because when it comes down to the basics, we are all equally born on this Planet where we will all die after a short duration, whether or not this Planet gasps its last breath in a billion years.

INDEXTherefore, since we are all equal in our humanity, the basic idea of championing a monarchy stressing non-equality is an affront to common-sense, logic and biology. I suppose the only thing worse than that is the idea of some people who claim that they want to 'Save the Planet', because they reveal themselves to be nothing more than wanna-be gods. Whatever you believe, you know deep down that all of the ecologists and environmentalists put together could not create the Big Bang, and everyone of them will die off individually, just like you and just like me.

INDEXYou see, true libertarianism, if we are talking about human individuality, is not an American invention, because its true author was Freeborn John Lilburne. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black acknowledged that Lilburne was the true source of inspiration for the U.S. Bill of Rights, and Thomas Jefferson who did not want to give credit where credit was due, well he was related to Freeborn John. Both Jefferson's sister and brother named one of their sons Lilburne. But that is another story, and I want to close this one by going back to the beginning where I wondered if there is anyone out there who believes in common sense and the reality of life called individualism in a collectivist world. I will check my email.

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