INDEX It would appear that Scotland's bidders for independence have just thrown in the towel, because instead of true independence they have now decided to ask for more 'privileges' from their Masters in London.

INDEX If the Crown is not to be dumped (forget everything else that is not to be ditched - and there is a lot more baggage attached that is to be retained), then the core issue of who rules Scotland will remain unchanged.

INDEX Someone needs to remind everyone in the Disunited Kingdom that once upon a time its southern country called England became a republic. If you require a quick refresher course about when that happened, look at the images to the top left that go flashing by. The drawing is of 'Freeborn John' Lilburne who fought for a written constitution - which according to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, England never got. It received Cromwell's dictatorship instead. But one hundred years later, Lilburne's relative Thomas Jefferson helped to bring about that kind of freedom in the nation that is now known by the alphabetical letters of U-S-A. That's the short version.

INDEX John Lilburne - that's 'Freeborn John' - which was a 'title' thrust upon him by his supporters - began his fight for freedom as an unlicensed publisher. When the United Crowns of England and Scotland came crashing down with the head of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell became a dictator and jailed Lilburne for the rest of his life. (That's also the short version.) But it was the end of the Crown and the end of the House of Lords, because England became a republic from 1649 to 1660. But dictators are dictators and Cromwell was in that sense just like Charles I (and the rest of the thugs and mass murderers who are known as monarchs.) So guess what happened? Cromwell's commander in Scotland turned sides after the death of boss Cromwell, and after some of the Scots had proclaimed the executed King's son as their king, they sent an army marching down from Coldstream in Scotland to London where they stuck Charles II on the Coronation Chair.

INDEX For his part Charles II rolled back the hands of time from 1660 to 1649 by wiping out all laws and history during that time. That also included those issues of individual freedom that 'Freeborn John' Lilburne had been fighting for. So now turn the clock forward until today, and you will see the ghost of 'Freeborn John' tapping the leaders of today's 'devolved' Scotland on their shoulders. His spirit is telling them that if they don't get a written constitution in place that protects the rights of all of the individual people in Scotland, then they are just playing games in the gardens of monarchical madness.

INDEX You see the key factor resides with a question about who owns Scots' Land? The Scots do not, their lands were stolen from them centuries ago. They merely squat on the surface of lands holding mineral wealth that pours into the pockets of monarchical Masters who got it as gifts for kissing up to the Crown. There was method in the madness of the Declaration of Independence that was thrust upon the mad German monarch named George by the American colonists. When they did that they got the Crown off their lands. It took them from 1776 to 1789 to come up with a decent written Constitution - but they eventually got one inspired by 'Freeborn John' Lilburne.

INDEX Sometimes you have to take back what is yours, and that is what the offshore unlicensed radio stations did in the Nineteen Sixties, because in a sense they were following on the heels of unlicensed 'pirate' publisher John Lilburne. It is for that reason that there is a link between the entrepreneurial spirit of Don Pierson (see the lower series of pictures to the left), and the unlicensed publishing of John Lilburne. But we all know what happened. Although the British public welcomed this move towards freedom, the puppet Administrators in the half-elected Houses of Parliament acted in accordance with their masters within the Crown corporation sole. (Read more about that subject by following the i2y2 link.)

INDEX This brings me back to where I started with this essay: I am now going back to sleep for more untold years until someone gets wise to the fact that the Crown represents theft of individual freedoms and personal liberty. Wake me up by email if you hear of someone on the Scottish side of the border getting wise to the fact that they have been conned by all of this talk about independence. Whatever that movement is presently called, it's not a movement for true independence of the kind understood by Lilburne and current-day Americans.

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