Do you remember him?

INDEX On August 20, 2013, a BBC website reported that: "It will take 'years or maybe decades' for the turmoil in the Middle East to 'play itself out', UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has told BBC News."

INDEX Listen to the BBC News and William Hague for explanations about the current turmoil in Egypt and the Middle East in general, and you will hear prattle about the lack of 'democracy'. But 'democracy' is not the answer. The Muslim Brotherhood proved that. They have made the old cliché about being careful about what you wish for come true, again. The democratic elections in Egypt resulted in a leader that the Muslim Brotherhood wanted, but that same democratic election made a lot of other people quake in their boots.

INDEX It is interesting to watch Robert Mugabe getting reelected over and over again. Come to think of it, Adolph Hitler got elected the first go around, and then he managed to find a way to stay in power after destroying the Weimar constitution. We can talk about rigged elections, but when you get to the bottom of this issue, it's not democracy, and it's not a written constitution per se that is all important.

INDEX It's a negative constitution which safeguards all of the People from the temptation by those in power to abuse their assigned authority. It goes without saying that authority from the People must be delegated in the form of a written contract. It seems that this is a key point that has been totally lost on the 'constitutional expert' who was recently paid to write a highly controversial article that was published in the Saturday, July 13, 2013 edition of The Herald; a daily newspaper published in Scotland.

INDEX Although that article sparked a minor firestorm because an academic was paid by the campaign for independence to write the article, it became a total distraction from the main issue. (See: A Scottish constitution to serve the common weal by Elliot Bulmer.) The reason why Bulmer's article is a non-issue, is because without a negative constitution in place prior to independence, the People of Scotland will have leapt from the frying pan into the fire! Remember, in 1649 England became a republic that was turned into a military dictatorship by Oliver Cromwell. Who is to say that could not happen in Scotland without a negative constitution having been written and passed in the interests of the People of Scotland - before independence is declared? The U.S. Constitution begins with the words: We The People...

INDEX But there's more.

INDEX A free media is also important, and by that I mean a media free from government control. That would not be the British Broadcasting Corporation or its semi-commercial siblings in the 'Disunited Kingdom' on the British Isles. The BBC was rammed together by the British Post Office following a legacy of appropriating control over the telegraph; wireless telegraph; telephone and wireless telephony - which originally was the description given to wireless broadcasting.

INDEX The USA has an interesting written Constitution due to the negativity and distrust with which it was originally amended in order to be ratified and form the basis of the new USA. That was the federal nation that came to life in 1789 following the abysmal confederacy which attempted to carry forth the spirit of its Declaration of Independence from - guess who? Yes, the United Kingdom of Great Britain which morphed, sans any constitution, into the present so-called United Kingdom. The last structural change to the core of UK sovereignty happened in the Nineteen Twenties when it surrendered a part of its core. That makes the UK a younger nation than the USA, because the addition of states did not change its core! (See supporting i2y2 articles for a more detailed explanation.)

INDEX Those first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are proving to be a problem for many, because they just hate being hampered by a supreme law which tells the government what it canít do, and that includes meddling in religion and the press, or from disarming its gun-toting citizenry. The fear of the People, in whose name the supreme law of 1789 was written, came from two sources. One was from traditional threats spawned by foreign enemies, and the other came from internal threats spawned by ideas their own leaders might get about grabbing more power than the People wished to give them.

INDEX But back to William Hague for a moment, and to what neither he nor his lap dog BBC are telling us about what happened to Egypt back on October 6, 1981, as a result of the assassination of President Anwar Sadat. He was murdered on that date upon orders from Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Egyptian Muslim leader who is currently serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison. Rahman then became the inspirational voice behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing which inspired Osama bin Laden to complete their destruction on September 11, 2001. So the mastermind is in prison and many of his cohorts such as bin Laden are dead, but it has not stopped the violence, has it, Mr Hague?

INDEX So what was it that Sadat did which was so different from the mouthing of William Hague? Well, for one thing Sadat did an about face on promoting war in the Middle East because he concluded peace treaties between Egypt and Israel that spawned another with Jordan. After that Anwar Sadat seems to have gone too far for some, because he delved into trying to calm-down the war-mongers. He had an ambitious plan for the peaceful coexistence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

INDEX Think about that idea for a moment.

INDEX The correlation between the announcement of that plan and the time of his death is an interesting footnote to say the least. Sadat died on October 6, 1981, but back in November of the previous year, he did something quite amazing. He was at the Gaza Residential Palace in Cairo when he displayed an architect's rendering of a World Peace Center that he intended to build at the foot of Mount Sinai. To turn this vision into a reality he turned to architects from Egypt, France and Israel, and the following month they unveiled a model of a triangular complex holding a mosque; a church, and a synagogue. All three corners of this new structure represented the three warring religions which have all sprung from a common ancestry.

INDEX Sadat said that on November 19, 1981 he wanted to lay a foundation stone for this new World Peace Center, and wanted to do it in the presence of the Pope and President of the USA. Unfortunately he never made that appointment: his murderer awaited him. Everything about this story seems to be in threes, because it was claimed that it would have taken three years to build the World Peace Center. Had Sadat succeeded with his timetable it would have marked the third anniversary of his landmark visit to Jerusalem which led to a peace treaty, and which eventually earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

INDEX So here is Mr. Hague telling the BBC that it will take 'years or maybe decades' for the turmoil in the Middle East to 'play itself out'. Don't you feel like using every kind of 'dumb-ass' cliché and swear-word in response to Hague and the BBC for repeating this clap-trap? I do.

INDEX I am left wondering why it is so difficult to find a lot of information about this World Peace Canter plan. After conducting a search on Google Scholar and other search engines, I did come across links to the strange polemics of Herbert W. Armstrong. Remember him?

INDEX He was the leader of a church that imploded; whose leader kicked out his son for improper sexual behavior, and the leader who was accused in his own divorce case of having committed incest with his daughter. Armstrong had plenty to say about Sedat and his World Peace Center, but then Armstrong as head of a Christian church with a number two in charge from the Jewish faith, was a peculiar animal.

INDEX It was Armstrong who financed the pop music ships of the Sixties broadcasting from off the coast of the UK. There is circumstantial evidence to show that funds flowed from CIA sources in order to promote Armstrong's message of warning that a federal United States of Europe would lead to another war. While Armstrong provided that negative message, the CIA operated a clandestine operation from France promoting a European confederacy.

INDEX In his last go-around on this Planet, Armstrong bopped around the world as the 'Ambassador for World Peace'. His sidekick and attorney was Stanley Radar, a member of a synagogue in Pasadena, California. It was Rader, not the buffoon Armstrong who steered the polemics where Armstrong agreed to help finance Sadat's World Peace Center.

INDEX If Sadat's plan was genuine, and it certainly appears to have been for real, then why hasnít the USA and its junior 'devolved UK government' been getting this thing built? We know that killing Osama bin Laden didn't stop the mayhem, and we also have the kingpin ideologue of Islamic terror in a USA prison. Neither of those actions have put a halt to the lunacy of mass murder in the name of religion. Meanwhile, secular British and American 'Christian' leaders try to tell Muslims what is a 'good' and what is a 'bad' interpretation of the Islamic faith.

INDEX One is left to conclude that the 'Mad' magazine game of spy-versus-spy is the preferred way of playing the murderous game of world diplomacy. After all, it was a five star U.S. general who wrote a book just after WWI which denounced war as a racket. War fuels the arms manufacturers, and look how that industry has grown since then, and look how many more millions it has killed.

INDEX But with all of that said and done, why are the so-called peace-loving representatives of religion so quiet about Sadat's plan?

INDEX Do they want really want peace, or are they merely veneers like William Hague covering more hypocrisy?

INDEX I guess their silence speaks quite loudly.

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