INDEXUntil the horror story emerging out of Norway, and the passing of a singer swept the growing and unsolved Euro Crisis from the headlines, the only other story dominating attention in the UK, was the growing attack upon the media empire of Rupert Murdoch. That was due to allegations that some of his reporters had been listening in, and reporting upon, privately recorded phone messages.

INDEXTied to this media created scandal were competitors, both political and commercial, who wanted to not only prevent Murdoch from gaining complete control of BSkyB, but if possible to break-up his ever-growing worldwide media empire. Since Murdoch's companies controlled various publications offering varying opinions and styles of reporting, and since Murdoch himself was not running for political office, nor backing any single candidate for worldwide office, the attacks on Murdoch can be seen as a game by those who want more money, trying to take from those who have more money: A sort of gigantic 'Robin Hood' scheme.

INDEXBecause the real bottom line is this: No one in the so-called United Kingdom is using the press to push for a democratization of the British Crown; abolition of the Privy Council; opening up the House of Lords to become an elected chamber, or campaigning to place 'The People' in charge of their own destiny by creating a forum for the drafting of a written Constitution in their name, to be ratified by their votes as the supreme law of the land. In other words, the Murdoch episode is merely another distraction from the real issues worthy of attention.

INDEXSo the tabloids, and not just Murdoch's tabloids, feed on 'star-gossip', but who cares? Who really cares? If the tabloids did not do this the 'stars' would no longer be 'stars', because a lot of them are merely media created fads without talent. Does the passing of young Amy begin to rank with the mass murder of young Norwegians at the hands of a publicity-seeking maniac? Amy sought publicity in life, but most (to allow for any exception to the rule) of these Norwegians did not. Yet their killer was not advocating the kind of democracy outlined above, he was merely ranting about one version of twisted ideology versus other twisted versions of ideology, and twisted ideology is not a platform for the establishment of a free and open society.

INDEXSo how is it that with the 'elephant-in-the-room' of an undemocratic United Kingdom which at its earliest point struggled into life in 1707 (1801 if you include all of Ireland, and into the 1900s if you revise it to just the rump in the north of that island); yes how is it that this elephant can be glossed over as though it does not exist? Instead we focus upon Rupert and his tabloids, and perhaps now the hypocritical tabloids of others who have been attacking him; and we give a passing nod to a sensation-seeking singer while not being able to ignore the blood-in-your-face carnage created by an insane politico in Norway, while saying nothing about the cause of so many of the woes on the islands of Great Britain, Ireland and the related bits of territory that are under the control of the United Kingdom?

INDEXIsn't it about time that some branch of the UK media begins to ask some intelligent questions for a change? Or is it that the media knows that like television programming you should never over-estimate the intelligence of the average reader, listener and viewer? In other words we are getting what we have asked for: sensation-seeking attention-getters, which lack serious answers to serious questions?

July 25, 2011INDEXmore