INDEXSo, here we go - again with headlines proclaiming 'Anarchy in the UK', and all other manner of nonsense, because there is no anarchy in the UK.

INDEXThen, you ask, what are all these scenes of rioting, burning buildings and looting? For one thing they are over-dramatized scenes of localized trouble egged on by the tabloid press. This is great fodder for newspapers because their readers love it, while tut-tutting over the very thing they are cheering on with their paid readership!

INDEXThe problem with the UK is the same old problem that there has always been with UK since it was created in 1801 (yes, that's right, 1801 and much, much more recently if you want to include the rump of Northern Ireland.)

INDEXThe problem is that England is not the USA!

INDEXWhy, you ask would I write that?

INDEXBecause now that the same tabloids who are reveling in the burning buildings (great for selling newspapers to English people who buy and read their rubbish), the newspapers are also running snapshot pictures of the looters and rioters, and what do we see? Well for one thing we see a lot of people who are not of Anglo-Saxon or Celtic decent.

INDEXWhat difference does that make? All the difference in the world!

INDEXBecause while the idiots of the British National Party will undoubtedly make hay out of all this, just like the nutcase who recently murdered all of those people in Norway, the fact of the matter is that England - which is the biggest chunk of the UK - is administered by a white, Church of England monarchy representing an unelected Crown institution which is tendered by a secretive and non-elected Privy Council situated on top of a half-elected Parliament.

INDEXThere is the core of the problem.

INDEXIt was this same set-up which turned the Africans into slaves by dragging them off to the West Indies, and now their descendants are in England and they don't fit in!

INDEXWhy don't they fit in?

INDEXBecause the system won't let them fit in!

INDEXThe system is an undemocratic operation which caused its American colonies to rebel and in their second try, they came up with a Constitution written and ratified by 'The People', and that is how it begins with the words... 'We The People'. They are collectively the sovereign people of the USA and they are formed by peoples of all ethnicity, racial background and religion, because first and foremost they are all equally Americans.

INDEXSure it has taken a long, long time to build the USA, but not as long as the UK has been around at its core that grew out of the merger of England and Scotland in 1707 by creating the Kingdom of Great Britain. But what does the UK have to offer its ethnic, racial and religious individuals who form its People? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

INDEXIs the UK working towards a goal of putting this right?


INDEXWhy not?

INDEXBecause it can't without abolishing itself and creating a new nation, which is why the move to Scottish independence is a good thing, even if its current mode is half-soaked. But at least it is a start to breaking up this monstrosity called the United Kingdom!

INDEXOnce England is again free and once its People have the chance to write and ratify a written Constitution that will protect their individual ethnic, racial and religious interests, then England might begin to move towards a democratic society. How does this process start? Well look to British and American history and see what England drove Americans to create with a lot of help from the Scots!

INDEXEngland can learn a lot from America because it is the land of the free - its supreme written constitutional laws say so and sooner or later any politician who tries to violate its supreme constitutional laws will inevitably go to prison! Try that on with Liz Windsor and her rag tag family of moochers! See how far you get.

INDEXSo the ethnic kids who are derived from English slavery are trying it on. They are looting and burning and creating mayhem. Are they stupid morons? Of course they are, but who turned them into stupid morons? The English educational system, that's who!

INDEXRather than buy another rubbish tabloid and support this mayhem, why not go to your public library and learn about the history which culminated in the creation of a federal nation called the United State of America?

INDEXOnce you have done that, you might begin to appreciate how bad the United Kingdom really is and how wonderful the written U.S. Constitution, is and why it could become a blueprint for a new independent England.

INDEXThen go one step further and discover Freeborn John Lilburne who was a pioneering Englishman whose words now form the backbone of that same Constitution and those same supreme laws. The roots of America's utopian ideals are found right here, in England!

INDEX Perhaps now we can see why Lilburne was imprisoned, tortured and banished for most of his life. And who did all of these things to John Lilburne? The English system of government whose legacy has now resulted in burning buildings and looting!

August 10, 2011INDEXmore